Our team of experienced practitioners will guide you along your wellbeing journey to ensure that no matter what area of treatment you are seeking – you will discover the best of you.


Are you looking to enhance your body shape, loose stubborn body fat, or simply to look and feel great in your clothes? If so, CoolSculpting could be just what you need. CoolSculpting is a non-evasive spot fat reduction treatment that freezes and eliminates stubborn fat cells with no downtime.

Injection Lipolysis (Fat Removal Treatment)

Injection lipolysis is a fat removal procedure used to usually treat small areas of stubborn body fats through injection therapy. Lipolysis is generally a quick procedure, tolerable levels of discomfort and no downtime. Our experienced clinicians can advise you if this is the right treatment for you as larger fat areas may be better treated with CoolSculpting.

Tattoo Removal

Over that tattoo? We offer tattoo removal treatments that, after consultation are tailored to suit you. The treatment is usually quick with minimal discomfort.

Scar Reduction

Our fractional, non-ablative laser technology offers a comfortable alternative to surgery, with remarkable results. Non ablative lasers treat both surgical and acne scars with little downtime.

Sclerotherapy (Vein Treatment)

Step out with confidence with our Sclerotherapy to treat spider veins and surface varicose veins. This innovation in leg vein treatment is considered effective, comfortable and safe.

Skin Analysis

Your skin is as unique as you are! Let us customise an individual treatment plan based on your skin needs.

Hair Removal

Time to get rid of unwanted hair? Our IPL hair removal treatment is effective on all hair types and with the deepest and richest skin tone. 

Acne Scarring Treatment

We offer a range of specialised skin and acne scar treatments to treat all acne scarring conditions. Our experienced clinicians can advise you on the best treatment for your condition.